Sunday, October 17, 2010

"The Shoot Engine" in Development

'The Shoot Engine' is the most recent reincarnation of my previous game engines, and also contains a central editor tool. I decided to start it after I completed a contemporary art project with Artist Angela Antle, and a demo with Artist Philippa Jones, and realized it's about time I put together a clean and efficient engine that I can rely on when working on my side projects. And needless to say this will have positive impact on my work in the video game industry.

My initial plan was to start with my previous engine and editor code, clean it up (a LOT actually), and integrate the computer vision features I developed which were mainly based on SDL and OpenCV.

Here are some features of it:
- Designed to be and accessible and efficient for users across all disciplines: The editor is accessible to artists and designers, and the whole pipeline to engine and game play programmers.
- Central use of polymorphism: All objects inherit from a common entity and are part of a hierarchy
- C++ reflection/property system that allows entities to expose their properties to the editor - and potentially to a script engine in the future
- Loading/saving of the hierarchy in extensible XML format
- Lightweight OpenGL rendering code written from scratch
- 2D Scene Graph
- 3D Scene Graph
- Clean, reliable, extensible, and feature-rich C++/OOP code.
- If you want to see code samples please don't hesitate to contact me at: amine [dot] reh [at] gmail [dot] com

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